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Row your boat

Even if all you can afford at the moment is a plastic tub with homemade paddles, it does not mean you cannot dream: one day…   While waiting for the day when you board your own yacht and sing the “all hands make sail, ahoy!’ (or similar) command, spend your time profitably and learn to […]

2014 Winter Olympics

Get ready to watch some exciting action on snow and on ice.   Anyone who straps on skis (or skates, for that matter) for the first time will feel as helpless as Bambi crossing the frozen lake. Those who persevere beyond the initial embarrassment will find the experience of darting down a slope or whizzing […]

2013 Jozi motor show

The show is held from 18 to 27 October, and the visitors have a chance to see almost three hundred passenger vehicles.   Every other year, Johannesburg becomes the centre of the motoring world, showcasing the cars of today and the cars of tomorrow.   Not every well-known car manufacturer is present at the show. […]

The must-see spring flower spots in South Africa

This blog post is taken over from Travelstart.   It’s time to head for nature’s great flower displays in the Western and Northern Cape, so we bring you this lovely blog post, slightly shortened, courtesy of Travelstart. Enjoy!   Postberg Peninsula This northern section of the West Coast National Park is open to the public […]

In search of the perfect yoga mat

A good yoga mat does not always come cheap, but on the upside it will last for years   I won’t go and tell you comforting little lies of the “get your yoga mat on the chap side” type. That is because I own a cupboard-full of “yoga mats on the cheap side” which are […]

Which van?

The light commercial vehicle (LCV) sector of the South African market is highly competitive, which in layman terms means you are spoilt for choice.

Car wash

The importance of keeping your car clean goes beyond aesthetics.

What South Africans drive

When buying a new car, South Africans are mist likely to buy a… read on to find out!

Travelling right

Prepare well for your holidays: do some reading and select the luggage that you really need.

Fishing tales

Will these tips ensure a good catch?