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Car accessories – finding the right bits and bobs for any vehicle

Whether you enjoy simple driving comforts or the latest in-vehicle gadgets, explore which car accessories can add shine and smoothen the journey.

Volkswagen Tiguan reviewed

Since its launch in 2007, the Volkswagen Tiguan has sold over 2.8 million units. In the 2017 edition, Volkswagen tried to make it look a bit different from the Golf on which it was based. The 2017 Tiguan is bigger, better looking and more desirable than ever before. The length of the car has grown by […]

Best selling cars and fuel efficiency

fuel consumption

Ten best selling passenger cars in April in South Africa are also among the most fuel efficient petrol-powered vehicles available on the local market.   As far as South African consumers are concerned, there is only one direction that petrol prices take. Up. Yes, every now and then we get a respite in the form […]

The Mercedes Benz CLA

It looks as though Mercedes-Benz is targeting the younger driver with plenty of money with their South African car models. Following on from the A-class hatchback and the CLS four-door coupé, the new CLA class combines elements of both.   The CLA range uses the same chassis and mechanicals as the A-class, but is inspired […]

On fuel consumption

Have you noticed that your new car uses up more fuel than the manufacturer said it would? That does not mean that you are a bad driver. Motorists around the world know that the fuel consumption figures quoted by manufacturers usually (but not always) bear no relation to the real world.   Fuel consumption figures […]

What South Africans drive

When buying a new car, South Africans are mist likely to buy a… read on to find out!

Sporty meets family

From the Lamborghini, Ferrari and Tesla stables, with the warning: for the very wealthy only.

Driving you mad?

The rise in the price of petrol, the etolling, the pot holes… It’s tough being a driver in South Africa these days.

On a car hunt

So, you have come to bidorbuy looking for a car. That’s a good decision. At any given moment, bidorbuy has over 25,000 second-hand cars on sale, of (practically) all brands and makes. A great majority of them are listed in the classified format. That means that the prospective buyer contacts the seller, and the deal […]

What’s hot on bidorbuy: cars

You know what these icons next to a listing on bidorbuy mean: and : Hot items are the ones that have at least two bids on auctions, two purchases on buy now or two responses on classifieds. For an item to be rated “red hot”, the magic number is four: four bids, four purchases or […]