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Holiday packing: The ultimate guide

Packing setbacks can range from the inconvenient (going on a beach holiday without sunblock) to the disastrous (realising you left your wallet at home). To make packing painless, bidorbuy has put together a travel packing guide just for you.

Travelling essentials for vacations

road trip

It’s that time of the year when school closes and companies slow down until next year. We all deserve some rest and perhaps a little getaway to let off some steam. Going on vacation is fun, but not having the right essentials can quickly turn the vacation sour. We can suggest a couple of items […]

Travelling right

Prepare well for your holidays: do some reading and select the luggage that you really need.

Travelling via bidorbuy

Just take a look at the travel deals some of your fellow bidorbuyers secured for themselves during the past weeks. Two bidders got a 3-nights-for-2-people stay at any of 51 hotels, lodges or guest houses (be it in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape, Limpopo, Eastern Cape Jeffreys Bay, West Coast, Mpumalanga, Drakensberg, Gauteng, or even Namibia) […]

Holidays on R1 auctions on bidorbuy

Today at about 2 P.M. fourteen very lucky bidorbuyers and their partners, family members or friends will have reason to throw their arms up the air, smile from ear to ear, yell hurray, hop on one leg and perform other customary rituals of jubilation. Why? Because they will have won one of the 14 holiday […]

Bid for a cruise holiday

Once you’ve experienced the beauty of life on a cruise ship, there’s no going back. You will join the crowd that never tires of repeating: there’s no holiday like a cruise holiday. People become cruise-lovers because a cruise ship has it all. It’s like a floating holiday resort. Everything you need is on board: good […]

Marine terminology

RHAPSODY Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary definition: Noun. Greek rhapsōidia (Latin: rhapsodia): recitation of selections from epic poetry. 1) A portion of an epic poem adapted for recitation. 2) (a) A highly emotional utterance. (b) A highly emotional literary work. (c) Effusively rapturous or extravagant discourse. 3) A musical composition of irregular form having an improvisatory character. […]