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The low-down on the 2016 T20 cricket tournament.

  Cricket at its most exciting   The 2016 ICC World T20 is underway. The formidable teams will aim to give big hit and take many wickets. The T20 form of cricket has been described as the most exciting form of cricket. The tournament will run until 3 April 2016 and the hosts India will […]

Cricket World Cup 2015

south africa in the cricket world cup

The Cricket World Cup 2015 is here! It’s being hosted by both Australia and New Zealand and runs from 14 February to 28 March.   While some people would rather watch paint dry than watch cricket, I personally find it quite enjoyable.   When you get down to it, cricket is not just about a […]

World Cup 2010 on bidorbuy

As this specially created page, aptly named 2010 World Cup Related Items on Sale reveals, bidorbuy sellers are warming up for the Big Event. And lo and behold – it is not Sports category that takes the lead in the number of 2010-related items on offer. With seven listings each, Coins and Stamps share the […]