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The world’s meanest SUVs

Fastest SUVs

Gone are the days of SUVs as bulky, truck-like vehicles with big engines  which move at a snail’s pace, but still guzzling all your fuel. Not too long ago, an SUV clocking 0-100km/h in less than 8 seconds was completely unheard of. Gone are those days.   Some of the SUVs available today are absolute […]

Getting good and dirty in your 4×4

Did you know that in some countries there are whole movements that want to make driving a big 4×4 in a city as socially unacceptable as – gasp! – wearing real fur? Those big things on four wheels (4×4 opponents say) consume loads of petrol, emit oodles of fumes, take up more parking space than […]

Geely LC Hatchback on R1 auction

The new Geely LC Hatchback has arrived at your favourite online shopping platform, Geely LC Hatchback has everything that a hip urban dweller is looking for in a car. It has a modern, quirky design. It boasts a high-performance engine, fit for both city commute and for long trips. It is equipped with state-of-the-art […]

Car lit

It saw the light of the day only a few weeks ago. And yet, the new bidorbuy car lit section is already close to 1,500 items strong. The car books, manuals and literature section caters not only for cars, but also for other thing that go vroom. With books and manuals acquired there you can […]

Buy your car with a mouse

All Thursdays in July are booked by sellers eager to try their luck on one day, one rand bidorbuy car auctions. The bidorbuy sellers seem more and more inclined to risk it all and put their cars on R1, no reserve auctions. The R1, no reserve auction means that the seller has to let go […]

Luxury personified

The second-hand BMW 745Li that is being auctioned on bidorbuy tomorrow, 11 June 20069, boasts a list of traits a limo would not be ashamed of – like navigation system, TV, CD player and radio. Add to that features like sunroof, suction doors and sensual tan leather seats, couple it with what the seller terms […]

2004 Mercedes C200 on one rand, one day auction

Mercedes C class is one of those instantly recognisable models. That is the vehicle that goes under the virtual hammer on bidorbuy on Thursday 9 April. The auction opens at 9 a.m. and closes about 3 p.m. Bidding starts from R1 and there is no reserve. In other words, the seller has to let the […]

Audi TT on R1 auction

Every now and then, a seller surprises us with a treat that commands attention. This time it is the Audi TT that goes under the hammer on bidorbuy in the first week of April 2009. The auction opens on Thursday 2 April at 9 a.m. and ends on the same day at about 3 p.m. […]

Two cars on two Thursdays

The second half of February 2009 is the car-seekers time on bidorbuy. A 2005 Citi Golf will be auctioned off on Thursday 19.  And the following week, on Thursday 26, a 2001 Jaguar goes under the hammer. Both cars will be auctioned in the R1, no-reserve format. The highest bidder will walk away with the […]

More wheels on bidorbuy

The entry about bidorbuy sellers who listed real cars on R1 no reserve auction had hardly taken off into the cyberspace when bidorbuy decided to unveil yet another vehicular auction. In cooperation with McCarthy Call-a-Car, bidorbuy is proud to present the 2008 brand new Volkswagen TenaCiti for your review. The auction is scheduled for Thursday […]