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The right exercise for the right muscle: Abs

Ab muscles

Everywhere I go people want washboard abs. Male or female, if you take a look at your standard action hero or model they have abs. Abs, abs, abs. It would be awesome if exercise alone could lead to a washboard stomach, but diet is the key for building a good six pack. Nevertheless, training abs […]

The right exercise for the right muscle: Arms

Arnold Schwarzenegger bicep curl

Suns out! Guns out! Nothing says “Badass mofo” like huge arms. Bulging biceps are a requirement for heroes in bad novels, and large arms impart the idea that a person can hurt you… badly. Indeed, arm development is one of the chief aims for gym rats. But how does one do it? According to C.T. […]

The right exercise for the right muscle: Chest

Kai Green Chest

Ever met a gym bro? They are surprisingly simple to identify; How much you bench? is the classic gym-bro giveaway. And the answer reveals a lot about a lifter in general, including strength level and training history. The bench press is also an excellent indication of sheer upper body strength and is one of the […]

The right exercise for the right muscle: Legs

Heavy Barbell squat

Blessed is he that skippeth not the day of legs. – Random Internet Personality. Leg day. If there is a day feared by gym-goers, it is this day. A man cannot hide from the squat rack, and the deadlift threatens to expose you for the puny weakling you secretly think you are. But fear not! […]

The right exercise for the right muscle: Shoulders

huge shoulder muscles

The human body is a well-oiled machine, able to adapt to a range of movement patterns. One look at the modern sporting scene reveals the diversity in body types and musculature – all the result of a quest for physical efficiency. Using modern technology we can determine which exercises are best for different muscle groups. […]

2016 Olympic spotlight: Basketball

If Goliath had been born in the modern age he would quickly have drafted by the NBA. Basketball numbers the worlds tallest athletes in its ranks and modern giants have been attracted to the sport by the lavish paychecks that come with the territory.   Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, Magic Johnson and Lebron […]

2016 Olympic spotlight: Fencing

fencing renaissance sword

Wounds of the flesh a surgeon’s skill may heal but wounded honour can only be cured with steel 19th century challenge to a duel   The sword is two things – a weapon and a symbol. The blade itself inclines to deeds of violence, says Homer in his ancient epics. As a weapon, the sword has taken […]

2016 Olympic spotlight: Judo

Judo Throw

Although Mike Myers makes constant (and highly effective) use of judo chops in the hilarious Austin Powers series, judo competition makes no use of strikes at all. The first Asian martial art to be included in the Olympics (1964), judo is now the opening sports event at the Games.   Judo is a highly technical sport and […]