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The right exercise for the right muscle: Abs

Ab muscles

Everywhere I go people want washboard abs. Male or female, if you take a look at your standard action hero or model they have abs. Abs, abs, abs. It would be awesome if exercise alone could lead to a washboard stomach, but diet is the key for building a good six pack. Nevertheless, training abs […]

The right exercise for the right muscle: Arms

Arnold Schwarzenegger bicep curl

Suns out! Guns out! Nothing says “Badass mofo” like huge arms. Bulging biceps are a requirement for heroes in bad novels, and large arms impart the idea that a person can hurt you… badly. Indeed, arm development is one of the chief aims for gym rats. But how does one do it? According to C.T. […]

The right exercise for the right muscle: Chest

Kai Green Chest

Ever met a gym bro? They are surprisingly simple to identify; How much you bench? is the classic gym-bro giveaway. And the answer reveals a lot about a lifter in general, including strength level and training history. The bench press is also an excellent indication of sheer upper body strength and is one of the […]

The right exercise for the right muscle: Legs

Heavy Barbell squat

Blessed is he that skippeth not the day of legs. – Random Internet Personality. Leg day. If there is a day feared by gym-goers, it is this day. A man cannot hide from the squat rack, and the deadlift threatens to expose you for the puny weakling you secretly think you are. But fear not! […]

The right exercise for the right muscle: Shoulders

huge shoulder muscles

The human body is a well-oiled machine, able to adapt to a range of movement patterns. One look at the modern sporting scene reveals the diversity in body types and musculature – all the result of a quest for physical efficiency. Using modern technology we can determine which exercises are best for different muscle groups. […]