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How to get re-motivated to run

Put on your running shoes

So you got some new running shoes from Santa… but they haven’t been as inspiring as you had hoped. Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. At first there’s the novelty of putting on your nice new (and clean) running shoes, but after a couple of runs the snooze button seems to get more appealing and […]

The 7-minute workout

Gone are the days of spending hours in the gym and more hours trying to cure physical fatigue. Scientists understand the busy lifestyle we live these days needs an exercise regime that will allow people to quickly move on to the next thing. That is why they came up with the 7-minute workout.   All […]

How to get fit before baring it all on the beach

With temperatures warming up, it’s soon going to be time to hit the beach and spend the day swimming, surfing and having a whole lot of fun. But wait! Is your body ready for swimwear? Here are some fitness tips for you that will get you in shape and ready to take on those waves […]