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Three outdoor sports you’ll love this summer

Unless you’re a die-hard fitness fanatic, outdoor sports can be tough to stick with during the cold winter months. Now that summer is here, allow us to introduce you to some awesome outdoor sports you may not have considered before. After all, it’s the perfect time of year to have fun in the sun!  

Comrades Marathon 2018

On a fine and mild to warm Tuesday in 1921, outside the Pietermaritzburg City Hall, 34 runners began what was to become the largest ultra marathon in the world. Mention the word “Comrades” to any runner to see human emotion in its most raw form. From triumph to disappointment, frustration to pride, there is reason […]

How to get re-motivated to run

Put on your running shoes

So you got some new running shoes from Santa… but they haven’t been as inspiring as you had hoped. Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. At first there’s the novelty of putting on your nice new (and clean) running shoes, but after a couple of runs the snooze button seems to get more appealing and […]

Running, walking, or…

The other day, I was stunned to learn from a committed runner that she got sore from… walking. And when I say “committed”, I mean someone who gets up at four (in the morning!) to run around the neighbourhood and participates in Comrades Marathon and similar super-human events.   What, she’s fine with running, but […]