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How to do crunches


Done the right way, crunches deserve to remain the staple of any abs routine.

How to get re-motivated to run

Put on your running shoes

So you got some new running shoes from Santa… but they haven’t been as inspiring as you had hoped. Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. At first there’s the novelty of putting on your nice new (and clean) running shoes, but after a couple of runs the snooze button seems to get more appealing and […]

Diabolo fun


Diabolos are sold separately or as a kit, with two sticks and string. Some bidorbuy sellers bundle it up with a demonstration DVD.

Waist training

Thanks to the Jennifer Lopezs and Kim Kardashians of the world, some women strive to have an hourglass figure. Sport waist trainers are used by almost every famous Instagrammer as something that helps women lose weight and attain an hourglass figure. One such Instagrammer has even said it helped her get her body back in […]

The right way to squat


Do you want strong, shapely legs and rounded, tight glutes? Squatting is the exercise every fitness guru will prescribe. But not just any type of squat: it is important to do it correctly.   Maintaining good form is crucial for any exercise. This is especially true of squats. If you do them in poor form […]

Fit in winter

In winter, the idea of hitting the gym or going for a jog can be particularly off-putting. That doesn’t have to be case, because you can turn your living space into a home gym with these top two  fitness exercises to do at home over the cold months:     1.    Skipping rope 2.    Lifting […]

Helpful tips on learning to play squash

Learn how to play squash

  Are you looking for a fitness programme that is convenient for your lifestyle? Why not give squash a try? Forbes Magazine voted squash as the healthiest sport due to its competitive nature and effective minimal workout time and space. Moreover, it is ideal for alleviating health issues such as obesity and other metabolic health […]