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Cricket World Cup 2015

south africa in the cricket world cup

The Cricket World Cup 2015 is here! It’s being hosted by both Australia and New Zealand and runs from 14 February to 28 March.   While some people would rather watch paint dry than watch cricket, I personally find it quite enjoyable.   When you get down to it, cricket is not just about a […]

The top five fitness watches

Suunto watch

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, or just trying to improve your health, there’s no doubt that a fitness watch can be a real help. Once you’ve entered your basic data, such as age, height, weight and resting heart rate, a fitness watch can give you valuable feedback on the effectiveness of your training.   While […]

Running, walking, or…

The other day, I was stunned to learn from a committed runner that she got sore from… walking. And when I say “committed”, I mean someone who gets up at four (in the morning!) to run around the neighbourhood and participates in Comrades Marathon and similar super-human events.   What, she’s fine with running, but […]

2014 Winter Olympics

Get ready to watch some exciting action on snow and on ice.   Anyone who straps on skis (or skates, for that matter) for the first time will feel as helpless as Bambi crossing the frozen lake. Those who persevere beyond the initial embarrassment will find the experience of darting down a slope or whizzing […]

How to get fit before baring it all on the beach

With temperatures warming up, it’s soon going to be time to hit the beach and spend the day swimming, surfing and having a whole lot of fun. But wait! Is your body ready for swimwear? Here are some fitness tips for you that will get you in shape and ready to take on those waves […]

Fishing tales

Will these tips ensure a good catch?

Africa Cup of Nations

The African Cup of Nations kicks off on the 21st of January. Top countries to feature in this event are: Senegal, Angola, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Tunisia. Take our poll and tell us what you think: who will win the trophy?

Searching for FIFA 2010 tickets

During the past week, tickets for the 2010 World Cup were among the top ten of the most popular searches on, taking sixth and seventh place. Visitors to the site use different terms when looking for tickets for the South African World Soccer Cup matches, for example: FIFA World Cup tickets World Cup tickets […]

Sports fans and memorabilia

South Africans are crazy about sports, whether as participants or (more often?) as spectators. And there is only one step from a sports fan to the collector of sporting memorabilia. Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist collector, collecting sports memorabilia is an incredible way of preserving great sports moments in history. Sports enthusiasts go to […]

World Cup 2010 on bidorbuy

As this specially created page, aptly named 2010 World Cup Related Items on Sale reveals, bidorbuy sellers are warming up for the Big Event. And lo and behold – it is not Sports category that takes the lead in the number of 2010-related items on offer. With seven listings each, Coins and Stamps share the […]